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Brené Brown: “Vulnerability + Courage = Happiness”

Brené Brown is a research professor that has spent the past decade studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. Her now famous TED video reveals the results of her extensive research into why some people are inherently happy yet others struggle with happiness.

Brené scientifically demonstrates how vulnerability is actually a strength and not a weakness. By hiding from others (and ourselves), the aspects of ourselves that we fear, we are also unknowingly cutting off those aspects that make us powerful and happy.

As with so many paths to happiness, Brené’s path is counter-intuitive. As an example of this, one of my favorite Brené quotes is:
“Vulnerability is the first thing that I look for in you, and the last thing that I will let you see in me.”

I have set the following TED video to start at my favorite part of the video; however, if you like what you see, I strongly suggest that you watch the video from the beginning.

After watching the video, please comment below and let me know what makes you vulnerable or gives you the feeling of shame. One of my vulnerabilities is the fear of being wrong or making a mistake. I believe this vulnerability has driven me to be a perfectionist.

You can find out more about Brené on her website.