Good Fortune: “My Guru, My Girl, And My Beads”


My Guru: I first met Baba Muktananda in a tent in Santa Monica, CA when I was 13 years old. He had just come to the US to fulfill a request from his guru, Bhagavan Nityananda, to spread his message. Since that day, I have been Baba’s devotee. Although Baba died years ago, he is still very much alive in my life. Meeting Baba is what he would call “boda-ahcha” (good fortune).


My Girl: Theresa and I have been living and loving together for many years now. Before we met, somehow we both knew that the other existed, even though we had no proof of the other’s existence. Thankfully, a mutual friend set us up on a blind date and we found each other forever. Theresa’s love and wisdom is the best of fortunes for me. Thank you Theresagi.

My Beads: Given to me by my Guru, and adorned with loving charms from Theresa, I have carried my rudraksha mala beads in my pocket (or worn them around my neck) literally every day for many, many years. Each and every bead is steeped in the multitude of good fortune that my life has generously given to me. I am very grateful for my guru, my girl, and my beads.

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One thought on “Good Fortune: “My Guru, My Girl, And My Beads”

  1. Krishnabai

    To count with gratitude the blessings one has been given in this life, and to perceive those gifts as being God-given, is one of the greatest blessings anyone could be granted. Continuous awareness of this Divine understanding can play an integral role in the fulfillment of what Eastern philosophies say is the purpose of life in human form: union with the Absolute and Realization of one’sTrue Self. To achieve this, identification with the contracted ego-self must be obliterated by immersion of one’s mind in thoughts, prayer, thanksgiving, and meditation on God, the Universal Self, one and the same with one’s Inner Being. Seeing God in each other, and in every thing and every act keeps the mind focused on the Ultimate Source of All, and allows one tthe opportunity to reach the highest state attainable by man.


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