Sean Stephenson: “Life is Meant to be Enjoyed!”

Sean Stephenson’s passion for life, fun, and happiness is infectious. This video will either make you happy, or make you feel stupid for not being able to feel happy (I’m hoping it’s the former).

Whatever your momentary obstacles to happiness are, I’m going to guess that it’s less than Sean’s obstacles. If he can do it, so can you!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of Sean.

You can learn more about Sean on his website, Time To Stand.

One thought on “Sean Stephenson: “Life is Meant to be Enjoyed!”

  1. Krishnabai

    The word inspiring does not fully encompass the insightful depth of the message Sean Stephenson offers.. With his invitation to stage frequent solo dance parties and be happy, he seeks to connect the “dancers” to the boundless joy that lies hidden within their hearts, in the same way that the Swing Dancers of the great Swing Band Era lost all worldly care by merging their mind and body with the bliss-filled beat as it permeated and propelled their entire being


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